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1962-63 Med Cruise Video

A short clip of the 111 min. Video DVD of the FDR’s 1962-63 Mediterranean Cruise.

$19.95 with free Shipping and Handling (Domestic Only).  Includes Sound!

Contact me  HERE  If you are interested in purchasing a copy or just click the button below to buy now via PayPal or with a credit card.

Some Comments:

“I just finished watching the DVD. Wow! What a job you did stringing the thread of the old movies to make a visual story. You did a great job clearing up 40 year old film. Well done sailor, well done. I saw old shipmates and friends that now are no longer with us. Bittersweet, but I remember the good times, and it was fun.
I nominate you for an Academy Award. Good job, guy. Phil T.”

“Your film was masterfully done, and for my dad, it was much more than a trip down memory lane… and for that, I, and the whole family, want to thank you. Lisa B.”

” I have reviewed the first Video segment and WOW!
I can’t believe the work you’ve put in this!
Thank you seems so inadequate!
But that’s all I can say – Thank you, shipmate!  Bob S. “

” Thank you for the trip down memory lane, V-2 Division ‘Catapults’  David D.”

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