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1963-64 “Flight Deck” Video

FDR-Flight Deck_63-64

Flight Deck” was professionally filmed in color with sound aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42 in late 1963 and while enroute to the Med. in 1964.

A typical day of the flight deck crew of the aircraft carrier, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. The ship and its crew of 3,600 men begin their tour of duty with the 6th fleet be sailing from Jacksonville, Florida to the Mediterranean sea. A routine day for the flight deck crew begins at 5 am and continues until 2 am. They launch aircraft with the steam-powered catapults. Planes land on the rolling and pitching deck. Their duties are fraught with dangers, such as blasts from jet engines and a broken arresting gear wire lashing across the deck. A pilot dies when his plane crashes into the sea. There is a burial service.

A short clip of the 41 min. Video DVD “Flight Deck”

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Includes Sound!

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