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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED version of my personal website and my collection of US Navy Ships and Aircraft Photos.
The USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Crew & Events section formerly on this site is now at www.ussfranklindroosevelt.com where you will also find the information regarding the FDR Cruise Video Project and much, much more.
The Cruise Videos shown on this site may be purchased directly from the video page via PayPal.

Most of the images displayed on this website were collected when I was a Photographer’s Mate in the US Navy  from 1957-1961 and several have been donated by photographer shipmates from their personal collections.  I continue to seek out and add other images of ships and Naval Aircraft from that era.

I have heard countless stories from my shipmates and other vets of their losing their photos, cruise books and all their other mementos of their time in service to divorces, flooded basements, forgotten seabags left in attics, accidents, tossed during garage cleaning….the list goes on. That’s one of the reasons for this site, so that they might be reunited with a memory or two. It gives me great personal pleasure to hear the stories of their reactions when they receive a photograph as a gift from a friend or family member.

All photographs on this website have been painstakingly digitally re-mastered and are printed on heavy matte lustre paper (high gloss available on request at no extra charge) using the latest in digital printing technology. They are perfect for framing in an office or den. If you or a loved one were aboard any of these ships, or served in any of the squadrons, and don’t have pictures, here’s your chance. What a gift they would make! Think of the memories that would be brought back!

If you wish to obtain copies of any of these images or Videos please click HERE to contact me and tell me what you’re interested in. (Videos can be purchased directly from the page via PayPal.) I’ll email you back with the total cost and how to pay. Please refer to the photos by name and the stock number shown in the parentheses i.e. (CR-01) or (VA12-02).

Orders paid with PayPal, Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks will ship within 48 hours. Other checks must clear. Our prices are far from being “commercial prices” as they barely cover the expense to print and take them to the post office. Considering the costs to maintain this website, this could  certainly be considered a “non-profit venture”.

8 ½” x 11″ images are in stock @ $6.00 ea.
11″ x 14″ available on request  @ 12.00 ea.
13″ x 19″ available on request  @ 23.00 ea.

You can pay with a Credit Card via PayPal.  Ask when you order & I’ll send you a PayPal Invoice.

Please let me know if you’re looking for a photo that might not yet be posted as I have many that are still undergoing restoration.

First Class Mail  for up to 4 – 8 ½” x 11″ images per order = $3.85
First Class Mail  for up to 12oz. of 8 ½” x 11″ or larger images = $5.25

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy looking at my collection.


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